Let’s upload a profile video. Added by JIKOPY Customer Support  24.11.2015

Interviewers will look at job applicants’ profile video before making a decision on hiring. We will start with a simple 30-second (or more) self-introductory video. Let’s do this!

Short (30sec.)
Medium (60sec.)

1.Check your surroundings

Lay your recording equipment on a position in which your upper body can be taken clearly. Choose a quiet location to prevent stray noise from being captured in the video.

2.Speech Content

Speak in Japanese, show your enthusiasm, and most importantly don’t forget to smile while you record your self-introduction video! Companies focus on THREE simple points - Japanese Ability, Communication Skills and Personality. Over exaggeration is unnecessary. Relax, and always smile! If you find yourself stuck, it is OK to use English.

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Current education (University, major)
  • The reason you want to work in Japan

3.Commencement of recording

Start recording when you’re ready. Make sure that you are always facing the camera and be within the area of recording. Imagine that the interviewer is present, and appeal your strong points. Are you prepared? Let’s upload a movie right now.