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JIKOPY is an online platform where international job hunters
where they express their talentsthrough video interviews

Having trouble recruiting employees from abroad?

Unsure of Hiring Process

Not familiar with international recruiting procedure. Interviews are hard to set up with difference of time zones and location.

Unable to recruit at the necessary times

Occasionally, the timing of recruitment can be unfavorable when you hire a recruiting agent to handle the procedure.

Inefficiency = High Cost

Level of Japanese in the actual interview is lower than resume and other received documents, leading to failure to hire.


Determine Japanese language skills through video

For global recruitments, document submissions are not enough for evaluation. In JIKOPY, we provide a self-introductory video in which you will be able to make an obvious judgment and acquire a first impression of the applicant’s communication skills. You are also able to identify the applicant’s personality and expression without the need to set an unnecessary appointment to meet face-to-face.


Search and get matched with job seekers
that meet the requirements of your company

Make an advanced search to pinpoint talented, international individuals to recruit for your company from our database that consists of users from more than 70 countries, mainly in Asia.


2700 Users, More Than 70 Nationalities

We receive more than 700 new users every month, with every single user aspiring to work in Japan. We believe that you can find the right candidate for recruitment, fit for your company. There are plenty of international students in Japan that have registered with as well, which makes internship programs possible.

The International Recruiting Process

Among international individuals who have acquired Japanese, directly scout registered job hunters that interests you. Job seeker's language check can be determined in our 'Profile Video' feature. Applicants then submit their 'application video' in the required time, which is efficient for before-interview screening. Your company's publication will be completed after 3 business days at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What sort of users do can I expect to see in your database?

A. Currently, we have 2700 (and counting) registered international job seekers who plan to look for work in Japan. We have users from all around the world (North & South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa) in our database. We have a concentrated number of university graduates, averaging around 20 to 35 years old.

Q. About the Japanese level of the job applicants

A. Registered users from our website may have learned Japanese in various ways. They might have learned Japanese from Universities, language schools, or even self study. Also, when scouting for job seekers, you will be able to check if the individual holds a valid Japanese Language Proficiency Test Certificate (JLPT).

Q. Will I be introduced to agencies and job hunters when using your service?

A. JIKOPY acts as a connecting bridge for communication between the job seeker and the recruiter of a company. We provide features and various support services that will aid you to find your potential employee to fill in that job vacancy for your company. However, we do not personally recommend particular individuals or parties in this service.

Q. What is the flow of process from registration to publication?

A. JIKOPY will provide you with an ID, password and other account information. After that, make a job publication(s) and search for job seekers. Then, make scout mail transmissions, and applicant selection through video screening. At the quickest, this can take two to three days. To apply, click here.

Q. About our service fees

A. Initial costs, successful employment charges will be established when certain conditions are satisfied. After completion of our service, refunds are unavailable. Unfortunately, we are unable to make a refund if the employee resigns after work commencement. Make sure you have ample information of your potential employee to make sure this does not happen.

Q. Others

A. Currently, we offer direct recruiting only. Agencies or companies that plan to use JIKOPY for other purposes, please contact us directly instead. Please read our FAQ for further information. Click here.


Service Plan

  • Free

    Free of Charge

    Scout : Unavailable for Use

    Use some of JIKOPY's features with no initial costs. Up to 3 job vacancy publications is possible.

    ・I want an understanding of international profiles
    ・I want to post job vacancies
  • Light


    Scouts : purchase when needed

    Publications for your company's job openings can be posted for free in this plan!

    ・I want to make use of the profile video screening feature
    ・I want to post multiple job openings
  • Standard


    200 scouts included

    A plan with unlimited use of basic features, with up to 200 scout messages available.

    ・For First-timers
    ・I want to hire as soon as possible
  • Premium


    800 scouts included

    Staff experienced in TV production will be in charge of your company's self introduction video in this plan.

    ・I want to hire multiple candidates.

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